Community Emergency Response Team  (City of Costa Mesa)

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is now available for training residential groups and private citizens of the city of Costa Mesa.  Classes will be held at various locations in the City of Costa Mesa. Learn more about how to respond during the initial critical hours following a disaster. Find out how your neighborhood team can assist your neighborhood, friends and your City in the recovery process. 

 These teams and individuals will be trained in :

·        What to do before, during, and after a major disaster occurs

·        How to make homes/neighborhoods more disaster resistant

·        Basic first aid and airway management

·        Search and rescue operations

·        Setting up shelter and security for neighborhoods

·        How to set up a medical triage and first aid facility

·        How to conduct damage assessment and report findings

·        How to organize your team as part of the City’s overall disaster response

These neighborhood teams will learn how to coordinate with local Mesa Emergency Service Amateur Communication (MESAC) ham radio operators throughout the City of Costa Mesa.

 For more information contact CERT Coordinator  (714) 327-7405