All letters are on file at our office.

We always ask our clients to write or email me, and tell us truthfully how they appreciated our service to them. Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about us... The next story will be yours.

Norse, Costa Mesa, Duplex buyer

I was going to wait until this weekend to publicly issue an accolade for the 2 greatest realtors West of the Mississippi (at Angel Day amidst our fellow constituents at the tailgate party).  However, in the event that you two will be absent, I am relegated to sending this electronically. 

With that said, a GIANT THANK YOU! For all the two of you have done to see this come to fruition for our little family.  I started my Company over 14 years ago and it has taken this long to actually be able to save enough $ to purchase an investment property.  We have lived (much like the two of you had to, I’m sure) quite meagerly for years and slowly increased our manner of living as business provided.  This purchase is just one more step in trying to create a better tomorrow for our progeny. 

Once again, thank you SO MUCH for making this come to pass. 

Sincerely,  JS

1264 Londonderry Street, Costa Mesa-Sold for $635,000                                                                                                                                                        "I just wanted to let you know that it has been a rough road but through it all, I wanted to let you guys know that it really makes a difference when things are crappy that the both of you were always upbeat and in a good mood! It helps when you feel stressed and over whelm-ed! Thanks."              April & Rom Tang

35851 Pyramid Peak, Mountain Center-Sold for $823,500                                                                                                                                                       "We'd like to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in making this a successful transaction. It was a pleasure working with you and if possible, let's try and do it again."                                                                                                                                                                                                               Larry Bischof of Hilltop Realty

3081 Molokai, Costa Mesa-Sold for $785,000                                                                                                                                                         " "Larry is a breath of fresh air in the world of realtors. Throughout the selling process, he was patient, listened to our needs, and offered realistic advice. He's a local expert on the Mesa Verde area (and beyond) and made selling our home a great experience. Larry also has a great support staff, experienced agents, and an arsenal of marketing tools to help sell any home." Douglas Metzgar

15121 Percy Drive, Westminster-Sold for $435,000                                                                                                                                                         "What impressed us most about the Weichman Team is their dedicated staff, organizational skills & helpfulness. We felt looked out for & cared about through the whole process. You are all so wonderful....a million thanks!"                                                                                                                          Brent and Alison Walske

1106 Charleston, Costa Mesa-Sold for $610,000                                                                                                                                                                  "What I would like to say about the Weichman Team is they are professional, efficient and thorough. They were quick to address any needs or concerns that we had. We were very happy with their services & would gladly recommend them to anyone."                                                                                    Brian and Angela Benson

981 Presidio, Costa Mesa-Sold for $752,000                                                                                                                                                                           "I was impressed by the fact that Larry's main concern wasn't the commission on the house. I really felt he cared about our financial situation and even worked with us on the commission when he didn't really have to in order to accommodate me. I really admire someone who cares about the less fortunate. Thanks."                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kevin and Cindy Slight

27946 Via Granados-Sold for $465,000                                                                                                                                                                                 "What impressed me most about Weichman Realtors was Larry's attention to detail and his support staff's diligent follow through on the closing. Absolutley impressive! "TEAM WEICHMAN" is a great description of your firm!                                                                                                                    Court Carter

1657 Labrador- Sold for $675,000                                                                                                                                                                                             "The fact that everyone was so positive and their commitment to selling was what impressed me most about the Weichman Team."                                    John and Diane Anderson

225 Wake Forest, Costa Mesa -Sold for $550,000 ( Our team brought in 3 offers)                                                                                                         “Your team was amazing, efficiency, market knowledge, honesty, helpfulness & flexibility.  I have your business cards on hand and would not hesitate to recommend Weichman Realtors to anyone I know.                                                                                                                                                              Lauri Davi,

8 Downfield Way, Coto De Caza -Sold for $1,299,000
“You sold our house for full price after only 3 days on the market! You made it look so easy! It’s a testament to your staff and experience!”
Terry and Susan Freeman

954 Carnation, Costa Mesa -Sold for $654,900 ( $5000 over asking price)
“Your team was super and I especially liked that you were there for us throughout the entire transaction, always making good suggestions!”
Thanks Again,
Gerrie and Kenneth Sears

3367 Marigold, Costa Mesa- Sold for $683,900 ($80,000 more than competitor)
“Since moving out of California, we have enjoyed watching how your competitors listings are continuing to drop.  You get what you pay for! WE are so happy we went with you instead of her! Thanks for a job done better!”
Gwen Partos and Bob Peinnemann

543 Victoria St. #N, Costa Mesa -Represented Buyers
“I would like to express to you my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your help in finding my family the home of our dreams. Your experience and support allowed for an especially smooth transaction. I have had bad experiences with sub-par realtors in the past, but you have completely transformed that feeling of disenchantment with one of great satisfaction and respect!
Allen Withers

543 Victoria St. #N, Costa Mesa -Represented Sellers
21831 Bass Lake, Lake Forest -Represented Buyers

“We want to thank you for not only selling our house, but finding us our dream home. You represented the buyers on our house, us the sellers, and then us again as buyers on our new home! The level of service you and your staff provided us was second to none! You started as our Realtor and ended up as a friend that we are grateful.
Sincerely Your Friends,
Florian and Tess Purugganan

Hello there neighbor:
In 3 days Larry & Laurie Weichman  sold my house at 940 W. Paularino Ave.  The team is a marketing marvel.  aggressive, fast and on the ball.  Well organized and mindful of the needs of both seller and buyer.  Courteous, professional,  sensitive to you and that which is important to you.  Besides that Laurie cooks up a great dinner -With in an hour of signing the listing papers, a photo of the house was on the WEB.  Before I arrived, the team had prepared  an in depth market analysis for my property.  Man oh man did he do his homework.  That night, 50 million flyers were mailed out to the residents in the neighborhood.  The following Saturday & Sunday, (2 days later)  open house was held.  An offer was received the first day.  Two days later another offered came in and the house was sold.  But you got to know that I  scrubbed my fingers to the bone and took the time to put up some little Suzie home maker stuff around the House to make the house more presentable and look better than great.     So if you have an interest in selling or buying a home or an investment property, FOR RESULTS,  call the   Weichman Team.  BRIBED fed, & satisfied customer.  C. Walther,  Honolulu, Hawaii

Thanks for the professional manner you exhibited in assisting Bill & me with the purchase of our beautiful new home.  I'd also like to thank you, Larry, for interrupting your vacation to give me some real estate advice.   B & N Adams, Mesa Verde

Thanks for everything! You guys are the greatest and we love our new home. You were so incredibly helpful and understanding through the entire process.   M & J Scott, Mesa Verde

Thanks for hanging in there with us! We have recommended you to several of our friends, thanks again!   J & A Beck, Costa Mesa

Thank you for your hard work in selling my house in this slow real estate market, you will always have my highest recommendation.   A. Hulsey, Costa Mesa

Just want to thank you for all you did to see us through a stressful time.  We appreciate all your work. A & L Roberts, Santa Barbara

We were impressed with your knowledge of the real estate market and your professional approach to residential sales.  We have already recommended you to our friends who are contemplating the sale of their homes.  We have nothing but positive regards for the Weichmans.   R & C Hoeppner, Irvine

You continue to impress me as the most knowledgeable and thorough real estate professionals that I have ever dealt with in my 25 years of investing.  As I continue my training in real estate, I often use you as a role models of the type of agent that I wish to become. Should I ever have clients who wish to relocate to Orange County, I will not hesitate to send them to you.  I know that they could not receive better service anywhere.  Please share this letter with associates and clients, you deserve the recognition for your efforts. Never hesitate to use me as a reference.  Thank you again.            W. Schroepfer, Williamsburg, VA

I want to thank you for the successful and swift listing and sale of our property in Mesa Del Mar.  Living across the country and having difficult tenants to boot mad your job more difficult, but I truly appreciated your honesty and communication.   S & D Flanery, Charlotte, North Carolina.

I wanted to tell both of you how much I appreciate your efforts during the listing, refurbishment of my house, and the negotiation of the final sales price.  Since I was an absentee owner (living in Texas), both of you put forth extra effort to see that all repairs and inspections were completed in a timely manner.  Laurie and Larry, I commend both of you and your staff for operating in a very professional manner!   B. Lovett, Nacogdoches, Texas

We wanted to take the time to thank you for the service you rendered on our behalf in the sale of our property.  You went out of your way in every aspect of the sale.   You were not content to merely allow things to happen but, rather, you made things happen.  Even in a booming real estate market, you made certain that even the smallest detail was handled well.  Your actions relieved much of the stress associated with sale of a house.  We can both say that we were glad that we selected you both as our agents (and even though my sister is an agent.)  You both are truly professionals and are a credit to your profession.   B. Bauer, Irvine

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